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Self-Compassion Break by Zan Struebing, Ed.D

"Becoming Plumb Healthy" by Herbert Potash, PhD.

The author is willing to donate his book to those who wish to read it.

"Better Sleep, Better You" by Andrea Tesher, Psy.D

Laughter is the Best Medicine by Lori Sweetwood, Psy.D

Sleep Tips by Lori Sweetwood, Psy.D

5 Daily Gratitude Exercises by Peggy DeLong, Psy.D

"Critter Cure" Lori Sweetwood, Psy.D

"Laughter" Lori Sweetwood, Psy.D

Mindfulness Can Help with the Coronavirus

How To Practice Self Care EVERYDAY | 10 Self Care Tips | Mindfulness + Gratitude Journal

Roedean School - Hallelujah - Virtual Choir

Building personal resilience.

How the coronavirus pandemic is impacting mental health

Self-Care During COVID-19 | Mindfulness & Meditation

Create a Tool Box - Self-Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic

15 Self Care Ideas for Coronavirus Quarantine

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